PLANET SPACE GENERAL TRADING LLC is actively into lubricant oils, wood charcoal, electronics and specific commodity trading. Engaged in import, export and trading worldwide, the company and our associates are strongly committed to highest standards of business ethics and practices.The following brands we have groomed up will provide a better insight to our products and services

Private labels

We have been working with some of the reputed private labels and they’ve been with us for long. Our working approach is 360 degree all the way through from selecting and observing to produce premium quality products. We adhere and strictly follow necessary compliances and develop customized packaging; continuously adding dimensions to your brands. We are capable to meet your specifications for us to deliver.

Bulk orders

We have facilities and capacities to take on large size orders. our dedicated team and structured processes ensure that your outsized supplies are met. to know more about our strengths and capabilities please get in touch with our experienced team. we offer an attractive pricing for yearly contractual orders for high volumes.


Manage internal activist to meet quality, quantity delivery time meet or beat objective We are committed to the highest standards of social, ethical, and environmental conduct, and we apply that commitment to the companies with which we do business.

  • Planet Space never compromise or dilute the commitment on to Quality and its enormous business, and it is a part of company policy.
  • We give top value on material specification, physical and analytical.
  • Follow quality and Safety requirements of importing countries.
  • We provide affordable and good quality products through superior service, procurement and workmanship in conjunction with our partners.

Why With Us ?

It is our mission to assist our clients with achieving their goal to grow their business. We do this by combining successful business models with our worldwide experience in sales, marketing and logistics and by opening our quality knowledge network for our clients.

Associate Partners